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xlsx files can be found on the Internet.) - Run settings-folder-optimizer (command prompt or ingame) - If not done before, you will need to clean your keystore after every save game. Top officials in the Russian Interior Ministry have identified a new target in the anti-terror campaign launched on New Year's Eve: Ukraine. Interior Minister Anton Malofeyev said in an interview with Interfax on January 7 that "unlike other countries, Ukraine has not extradited the sons of terrorists who died in Syria," because of its "unfriendly policy." "They need a 'dead man's switch' for the militants who have gone to fight in the North Caucasus, which explains why the sons of those militants who have been killed in Ukraine are trying to find a chance to return," he said. The remarks, which have infuriated the Ukrainian government, were made by Malofeyev in a discussion of the struggle against terrorism in Russia. Malofeyev, however, also said that "Russians fighting in Ukraine would not be included among the foreign terrorists, as the Russian security forces would not extradite them." He added, "We have not violated any international norms. We have freed all 'foreign terrorists' from our jails." Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko has called for Malofeyev to be fired. Meanwhile, Kiev's security officials have placed the military headquarters of the Interior Ministry and its Main Intelligence Directorate under heightened security measures. A total of over 140 top Interior Ministry officials have been deployed to secure the Kremlin. The standoff, which began with a Ukrainian anti-terror raid on the Interior Ministry building in the center of Kiev on January 4, has now extended to the Russian defense ministry. A massive security operation has been launched in Russia, with dozens of raids taking place in the former Soviet republic of Chechnya. On January 6, Ukrainian authorities seized a Russian security team, which was traveling by train from Moscow to the Russian republic. The men, who were reportedly dressed in civilian clothes, had no official documents. The action took place near the city of Yaroslavl, close to the border with Russia's Chechen Republic. The detention was made possible when security forces along the rail line discovered a black diplomatic bag from Russia containing equipment used in making improvised explosive devices, which Ukrainian authorities believe are being used by foreign terrorists.





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DARK SOULS III Free Download [cheat]l blaspasc

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